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OT: Oberpfalz und Czechia
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-11 10:42:52
Brauerei Hoesl stopped brewing. It was on its last legs when I visited a few years ago. Pub may still be open fwiw. 

Around Prague you have some excellent options. I can help you with details when I see you but the following are recommended: 

Pivovarsky Dvur, Chyne: great beer and great pub (the krycma, spelling dodgy) is a great little pub adjacent to the main modern  beer hall. The 3% (8 degree) Lager I had once was incredible. 

Uneticky, unetice: great beer but quite common in Prague and I don't see it as an essential visit but it's quite close to Prague airport (so near the city). 

Pivovar Antos, Slany. Wonderful beers and easily reached via public transport from Prague. Thoroughly recommended. 

Pivovar medved, Beroun: strange and fascinating place in the sidings of the railway station of Beroun, betwixt Prague and Pilsen (30mins from Prague). Howitzers and old army stuff knocking about outside and some pretty good beers - if it wasn't such a unique (and cheap) place it may not make my list but it's a must. 

I can give you a run down of Prague in eschawo but one place you'll love is U tunelu. Soup cooked on a wood burning stove, classic and faultless Konrad beers on tap and a real local - recommended for lunch. And you'll love the prices. Also Vinohradsky pivovar is fantastic - I could go on, it's a daunting city to be in as a beer and pub lover. And it scrubs up pretty well too. 

     OT: Oberpfalz und Czechia by barry on  2017-09-11 14:30:38
       OT: Oberpfalz und Czechia by pivnizub on  2017-09-14 03:10:14
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