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Posted by barry on 2017-09-11 09:27:49
On the first part, exactly, what else would I need but an Einzelfahrkarte to get me to Nordostbf?  If you try to book an Einzelkarte now, this is what is says:

Single ticket ("Einzelfahrkarte")Valid from: 11.09.2017 6:14 p.m.Valid till: 11.09.2017 7:44 p.m.Tarif: AdultPrice level: A (Nürnberg/Fürth/Stein)Start location: Flughafen, Nürnberg
No use for Friday and I'll be up in the air at the time when I want to book one!.

Re Bayern ticket: I suppose that I have booked and used as many of these things as most people on this Forum.  I've booked in advance and bought at DB machines.  I know that they can be used on U-Bahn, S-bahn, buses, horse-drawn trams, Tuk-Tuks and all manner of public transport that might be found in Germany.  But never before have I seen the clause that the ticket is not available for a particular sector of a U-bahn or anything else.  But it's there and also applies to the Flexpreis ticket.  As for your oft repeated statement, Nick, about Bayern night ticket, as I explained, I don't want to go at night!  And, as a matter of fact, even that can't be used on the sector in question!  So I'll still need an Einzelfahrkarte.

Now, I'm inclined to go along with Gunnar and just book a Bayern ticket and see what happens.  But, as you know, Nick, us Britons are very law abiding when it comes to train tickets and I don't fancy being fingered by a trigger happy VGN inspector.  I've seen them (and the revenue people) and they are not always nice.

Give me a break guys, I've been doing this business almost from birth!

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