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An interesting evening
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-08 13:34:17
Tonight I went to Seinsheim's Kellerbrau with the car from work. I'd taken a 1 litre and a 2 litre bottle with me to fill up and take home. I loved the atmosphere as soon as I arrived; it's in the cellars of the town church and does a very good trade. The customers were mainly stood outside in front and they were brewing beer as well as serving. Both the light and dark keller beers were excellent. I tasted the 'special' they had on; a celtic ale aparently. I'm not sure I'd know what that was or if it was true to style but it was very good anyway so who cares. 

Unfortunately they didn't have their syphon available so I couldn't get any growler fills and their bottles are booked up until October. So on the way home I stopped off at Wolf in Ruedenhauesen. 

I have visited this brewery once before. I went in and the owner/brewer was eating his dinner and watching tv on an old black and white box placed on the table. There was no one else in (at 9pm). It was a sad scene I must say. We had a nice conversation though, as he filled my takeout, and i asked him where all the villagers were. He said he didn't know - they go everywhere else but to him he said. It felt a very said place, though he wasn't, talking about brau beviale that he will visit soon (this year in Munich), amongst other things. This is another brewery that has a bleak future - and the beer is excellent so it's a damn shame. 

He overcharged me for the litre take out, but I bought 4 normal bottles and didn't mention it. Sometimes it's best to let things go. 
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