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in defence of craft: Br. Mainstockheim
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-06 14:26:00
Well, as the man in the orthopiedic shoes said 'I stand corrected' (or at least slightly). 

The very generous Mat agreed to fetch me some beers from his travels, one of which was the Last Man Standing Imperial IPA from Brauerei Mainstockheim (10%). I must say it's one of the finest German new wave beers (cos i'm sick of writing 'craft') I've had. Really well made, balanced, juicy, big alcohol but not noticeable cracker of a beer. 

Having said that, it may be affected by the glorious reopening of Spezial after a 2 and a half week hiatus of holiday closure and a few seidlas with Gregor. Even on a packed evening we had no problem finding seats, eating and ordering beers ;) 

Best pub in Bamberg (well I had to get my opinionated opinion in somewhere!)
   in defence of craft: Br. Mainstockheim by mike004 on  2017-09-08 06:43:22
     in defence of craft: Br. Mainstockheim by MatW on  2017-09-08 12:28:43
     in defence of craft: Br. Mainstockheim by Jason on  2017-09-08 15:29:23
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