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Ot: Underhand practices by brewers!
Posted by Barry on 2017-09-06 14:13:14
Culture Spot

I mentioned in another post that Anthony Trollope (prolific British Victorian novelist for those who don't know his work) had featured brewery practices in one of his novels. I've now remembered which one: Rachel Ray. The plot is typical Trollope but it features fairly extensive and savage attacks against two staples of Victorian life: the evangelical church and brewers.  I'm a Trollope fan, so loved it but it is well worth reading for the unfavourable light it throws upon profiteering brewers.

You can probably get it as free book on Kindle.
   Ot: Underhand practices by brewers! by Jason  on  2017-09-06 14:26:32
     Ot: Underhand practices by brewers! by Barry on  2017-09-06 14:51:20
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