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There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday.
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-09-02 21:26:54
Maybe a few with negative American viewpoints should visit Prague on a weekend immersed with numerous drunk English and German stag parties? Clearly, this is ruining the culture of a great city with these weekend stag tourism parties.

As for beer -----   many Europeans whom I've met seem to think the US produces primarily Budweiser and Miller beer.   When in fact many new styles sre now available which is very popular as my style remains Bavarian/Czech/ beers with occasioal Guinness/Ales.

IPA beers growth the past decade is exponential world wide have now seen the growth of this beer style produced in Canada, Holland, Czech, US, Germany, England and all make some great IPA beers.  I've been to beer festivals in each of these countries and each has similair  festivals and it's own prices with Czech always being the best value for beer.

Oktoberfest in Munich has been changed due to the crowds and hotel prices but still fun to meet all the people who travel world wide to attend.  No negativty for me joining the loud music, drunken crowds for a few days if I'm in the region as it's all  part of the event.

         There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday. by MatW on  2017-09-02 23:22:50
           There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday. by Nick B. on  2017-09-03 00:24:38
         There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday. by Andrew H on  2017-09-03 04:32:18
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