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There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday.
Posted by Jason on 2017-09-05 11:40:36
I've had some great barrel aged beers that I'd gladly pay €15 for - lost abbey comes to mind. But this wasn't one. And if the customer doesn't like the product, one off profits aren't going to cut it long term. 

I dunno, the world of craft beer is becoming so complicated now. It's great if you know what a gose, a grodziskie or a gueze is but if you're coming into now, say as a 20 year old, it's a complicated world. It's not helped by ignorent Brewers who completely misinterpret these styles either. 

Dont get me wrong, it IS a great time to be a beer drinker but if this is to continue craft beer cannot be a geeky club where you need a degree to order a beer without being sneared at by yuppies. Or I might add, a bank loan. 

Its in danger of out witting itself in my opinion. But hey ho, what do I know. 
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