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There IS a beer fest in Erlangen on Sunday.
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-09-03 00:22:11
(Franconian. Oder fränkische. Danke.)

What I told Mat when he asked me about this: I'd not heard of it, though it's the "Third Erlanger Beermarket" event at a place where they have events here. Googling a bit revealed it's put on by the Bierothek people, and looks sort of a cross between a US-style (NOT OREGON STYLE THOUGH) tiny-pour fest, and a simple market for Bierothek.

And that I wouldn't attend, as I'm tired of the whole "craft" beer extravaganza 3€ / 33cl bottle--of-pale-ale thing and kinda don't want to support it. Though I do like having Bierothek there for the occasional purchase.

       There IS a beer fest inErlangen on Sunday. by Nick B. on  2017-09-03 00:32:24
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