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Update on visit
Posted by MatW on 2017-09-02 06:49:35
I have visited the following breweries or Brauerei Gastätte over the last 3 days. In no particular order. Reindler in Jochsberg, Dorn Bräu in Bruckberg, Rothernburger Türm Bräu, Dörzbacher in Ahorn-Schillingstadt, Herbsthäuser in Bad Mergentheim, Bender in Arnstein (now a chinese restaurant for heaven sake), Waldschloßbräu in Frammersbach, Höpfl in Waldzell, Nanni Brau in Ahorntal, Stöckel in Hinteregreuth, Kathi Bräu, Franken Bräu in Riedbach, Adler Bräu in Wallhausen, Gold-Ochsenbrauerei in Spielbach, Göikel Bräu in Hansbach, Keilerbräu in Lohr a. Main, Zum Gründla in Kulmbach.

I've also  picked up beers from Lippert, Mainstockheim, Schorsch, Martins, Spessart, Hauff, Kundmuller, Eppelein and Friends, Werkbier, Ravencraft, Veto, and Orca

Went to Dull in Gnodstadt but they were on Urlaub.             

Today I've been to seen if there was any action and some on Kommune Brauhaus north of Bamberg (Junkersdorf, and Roassach) but all closed up. Zürl at Höchstädten also shut up.  

Obviously to write all this up will take time, and prevent me from drinking beer now, so I'll have a bash next week. 

If anyone has a specific question about any of the above feel free to email me.

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