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Franconia or not? Map Graphic Link
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-08-30 23:42:49
The territory of Franconia has changed in the history,
Look at the map of the so-called "Fränkischer Reichskreis", an administration unit, in the year 1789 (the year of the French Revolution, important also for Bavaria with the Säkularisation in the year 1802, which destroyed the power of the catholic church in Bavaria).

Three points:
- Coburg was not part of the Fränkischer Reichskreis, but part or Sachsen-Anhalt. Until now Coburg is different. more evangelical christians, different Coburger sausages etc.They cut the rolls for the sausages in a different way. An image with the different cuts of rolls:
And they have different holidays. In Coburg the Maria Himmelfahrt (Assumption day) is not a holiday etc..

- Eichstätt (in the south) was part of Franconia. Now it is part of Upper Bavaria.
- Aschaffenburg (now part of Unterfranken, low franconia) was not part of Franconia. Until now Aschaffenburg is oriented more to the region of Hessia and the the big city Frankfurt. This has also topographical reasons (mountains between Würzburg and Aschaffenburg).

Until our days the old territory of the Fränkischer Reichskreis excudes, p.e. in the food, the beer culture, the language etc.So it could be interestant for a beer lover to visit also the regions of the old Fränkischer Reichskreis which are now outside the administration unit Franconia.
                 Franconia or not? Map Graphic Link by Jürgen Wening on  2017-08-31 01:22:00
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