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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-31 01:38:15
You can't do it like that if you're posting from a smartphone. Maybe also not from a tablet, but I'm ignorant of those kinds of toys. It has to be a proper computer, in order to give you the formatting buttons as shown:

To post an image, click on the red "image" button, and then paste the "" address of the image into the "URL" field on the resulting pop-up dialog box. There are width & hight options, where you can specify the size. I try to specify 480 pixels wide or so. Otherwise, large images can drive the text off the  screen in your resulting post.

Of course, this means you must first have first uploaded the image to the internet somewhere. I use for this, it's about as simple as it comes, AFAIK. You upload a photo and it gives you a link. Copy the "Direct Link URL" from there. (If this is too complicated or "risky" for anyone to use, go back to a dial-up modem and text-based USENET or bulletin boards or summat.)

To include a link to an image or other sort of file stored somewhere on the interwebs, select the text in your post that you want to use as a link. For example, here is a link to your map above.

With the text selected, click on the "link" button shown in the blue square. Paste the address of the file you want to link to in the URL field of the pop-up dialog box.


Danke, Fred, for these great tools.
                 HOW TO POST IMAGES AND LINKS TO STUFF by J├╝rgen Wening on  2017-08-31 02:43:02
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