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Höchstadt an der Aisch
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-27 01:12:06
Nice little piece about a visit by the two brewers from Castlebar, which may presumably be a partner city to Höchstadt. The "Friendship Circle Höchstadt - Castlebar" met with them this visit and last year's, when they were there over the 500th Tag des Bieres. They were so impressed with Schlenkerla that they started brewing their own Rauchbier.

The Circle's chairwoman gave them a commemorative "stein", and West Mayo is the only Irish brewery where beer is served in Franconian "steins".

Ugh. If they were really, TRULY friends, they would educate them away from the silly non-term "stein".

(No word on whether the Höchstädter members have ever visited Castlebar.)
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