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Brauerei Thein, Lembach
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2017-08-25 01:31:33
That's very interesting, Jason. I've been to the brewery a couple of times until it officially stopped brewing. They produced a truly wonderful dark beer there. There were two other breweries close by: Roppelt at Trossenfurt (with a small and lovely Keller as well) and Bräutigam at Weisbrunn. It made a pleasant walk to visit them altogether by foot. Bräutigam was the first to close, which was a shame - very good and fucking strong beers: a light and a chocolatey dark one. Roppelt is still alive but was closed for a longer period as the brewers son was very ill. It seems they're open again now. Nice beer as well. If you find out what's going on at  Lembach - please let us know.
     Brauerei Thein, Lembach by barry on  2017-08-25 04:01:55
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