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Overpriced...what the market will bear
Posted by barry on 2017-08-25 06:40:06
Why shouldn't the Germans know about it?  It's an international folk tale adapted by Hans Christian Andersen, and translated into 100 languages - also made famous in my childhood by Danny Kaye.

Anyway, a quick Google check tells me that the Keller was at 77 Piccadilly, which may not help you!  Loads of people reminisce about it onlie, as it appears to have been a famous rock music venue - another reason for me not to go.  They also claim that the beer was only 2/6d; maybe, distance lends enchantment but still outrageous for the time but perhaps the music justified it to some degree.

I'm not familar with the various connotations for the word Keller, as applied to beer.  I don't know an underground bar called ---- Keller but I'm sure that they do exist.  Outside drinking Kellers confused me for a long time until I read about they came into existence.

Always wanted to start one in Ireland but no one seemed interested.  Maybe we could found a micro-keller in the UK? Andy???
                                 Overpriced...what the market will bear by Nick B. on  2017-08-27 01:38:37
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