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Posted by Jason on 2017-09-01 14:35:09
Your problem is that Weiden is not in the VGN - the Nürnberg transport region that your Tages Ticket covers. It will take you so far, but then you need an extension to weiden. In fact you also have to be careful going to the Oberpfalz via Bayreuth because you also go through areas outside of the VGN. Strangely you then re enter the vgn near Bayreuth but you cannot go through. The maps on the vgn website help. Ultimately you're as fast going via Nürnberg and then you can use your Tages ticket SO FAR. 

Personally, if you want to do the trip then pay for a taxi from the nearest train station.  if you can afford to travel to Europe twice a year then I'm sure it's not a problem and not worth all the hassle of investigating these often unreliable and unpredictable transport conundrums. 

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