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Where to stay Saturday?
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-05 09:56:24
Ah, I somehow had it in mind that you were arriving today and needed a room for today, your arrival day. NEVER MIND.

I may head off into the wilderness tomorrow, and not be here. I'll decide based on the weather and other things.Do you have an idea of what time you might be headed towards Bamberg?

Frühschoppen...why way down at Schanzenbräu rather than, say, Forchheim? Nice folk down there, the Nebraskans & I really enjoyed it a week ago this evening, in fact.

My date preferences are solidly global, not North American. Actually, 2017.08.03 would be even better, significant digits and all that. I got started using spelt-out months many years ago to avoid confusion between the archaic and non-archaic date formats.
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