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OT: Visit to Czechia
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-07-19 11:32:42
Every place you travel has something unique to see at least once.
Beer in Czech is the cheapest of anywhere and so many great styles.  I’ll float through Czech  in September then again in October when I return from the Ukraine.  Gotta tackled UK before Putin!

Floating to “beer cities” as you like has options, which I have done the past two years in 13 countries in Europe.   Best overall beer option cities in Europe  --- Prague, Bamberg, Antwerp and Munich. 

For Czech - Prague is the most superior city in Europe, at least for me.  I consider it the most brilliant city in all of Europe for beer, architectural beauty and cultural arts.
- 14th and 15th century Gothic and Renaissance Architecture
- 17th & 18th Century Baroque  & Art Deco buildings
- Beer?  Smaller pubs  like Dno Pyle & Zly Casy, Letna beer garden and Zizkov area.  Even have been to several beer festival the was near Plzen all locals few tourists.
So many fabulous beers are less than 2-euro prices in Prague.
- Concerts Mozart, Black Art Theatre,  & student Concerts in Mala Strana university area are very low priced.
- Zizkov has many smaller brewery pubs but is a run down neighborhood.

Been to majority of Czech cites like Prague, PLzen, Cesky Krumlov, Budjuvoice, Karlovy Vary, Telc, Bruno, Ostrava, Cheb.

How I would rank them:
  1. Prague – Best place to visit in Europe for beer, price, architectural city beauty and cultural art options.  So many beers to eb found especially if you go away from teh old town.
  2. Telc – small town with Bernard Beer with amazing small homes interconnected via 15th century architecture. 
  3. Ceksy Krumov - great smaller village on the river and recommend if never been.  Enjoyed the violin music in restautaents from the gypsies.  But so many Asian toruists crowding. Last year I think I saw 250 Koreans all touring  independently same day.
  4. Plzen –Nice brewery. Lots of small pubs but locals don’t seem to congregate in volume as much as around Prague.  Architecture not as remarkable as Prague.
  5. Karlovy Vary - very touristy but incredible architecture.
  6. Cesky Budjuvoice  - Smaller town with a nice music festival in August
  7. Ostrava - great little town on northern border to Poland
  8. Brno – 2nd largest city in Czech but to modernized for me.
  9. Cheb – bypass as gypsies roam at night with knives!

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