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Forchheimer Kellerwald Greif Keller
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-10 00:42:04
First visit to the Kellerwald for me this year yesterday, to take advantage of a TagesticketPlus to Bamberg, left over from the Saturday.

And the details referred to above were: At the Greif Keller, there is both keg *and* gravity-barrel lager. Must specifically request "bairisch" for the latter. And the latter was fantastic yesterday, whereas in the past, IIRC, Barry & I both found it to be off compared to the barrel on down at the Brauereigastst├Ątte. And I've noticed it to vary in amounts of waxiness & green apples.

Chap working yesteray said they don't necessarily *always* have the "bairisch" (bayerisch Anstich) on up there, specifically if there isn't enough trade going, and they'll run the risk of wasting a lot of it at the end of the night, if they tap one and then no one drinks it.

The keg stuff is from 50- or 30-litre kegs, not a tank. Though the Annafest beer comes in a tank. And it's a good opportunity for direct side-by-side comparison of keg & bairisch dispense, if one should be so inclined to undertake such a thing.

When it's good, it is such a lovely, clean, light Hell.

Two Seidla of that and off to Neder. Bit too much butterscotch in the Neder yesterday, but that's preferrable to the too-often present broccoli notes.

       Forchheimer Kellerwald Greif Keller by barry on  2017-07-10 11:22:07
         Forchheimer Kellerwald Greif Keller by Nick B. on  2017-07-11 00:37:28
           Forchheimer Kellerwald Greif Keller by Nick B. on  2017-07-11 00:49:12
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