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My Franken Sommer Trip-2017
Posted by Jason on 2017-07-07 02:04:16
Sorry but there are a number of points I'd like to respond on here, in the spirit of discussion.

When you come here Mads, life has many forms of simple, intangible pleasures; beer is merely one of them. Living here heightens that awarenes, but I know frequent visitors like Barry and Mark understand it too. I niether know nor care how many German beers I have tasted, because numbers aren't important, but my best memories of drinking beer in Franconia (or anywhere) are not the places with the 'best' beer but those that have given me the best experiences, be it a beautiful locations, good friends or a special atmospheres. I don't drink beer in a vacuum. Sometimes, like in Moenschsambach, they come together in a package. Other times I have gone out wirh friends, sunk 7 or 8 seidlas and not even noticed the beer, because it's the social lubricant that oils the wheel of human interaction, it isn't the wheel itself. Each to their own but, as I say, I think sometimes the modern-beer drinker misses the point. 

Furthermore I don't think many people outside of a science lab / brewery knew what diacetyl was 20 years ago; now it seems eveyone is a brewing expert, in spite of having no related qualification to pass judgement, aside from having drunk a lot. I eat at least twice a day, but I don't consider myself a gourmet. It must be infuriating for brewers who have spent years and sometimes generations honing their craft only to be told by someone who has never set foot in a brewing school that their beer is faulty. Not all brewers are experts, but I know whose side I will take on the whole.  

There is the age old adage; he who seeks shall find. If you're constantly looking for faults in a beer, you will find them, real or imagined.
                       My Franken Sommer Trip-2017 by Nick B. on  2017-07-07 03:31:03
                         My Franken Sommer Trip-2017 by AndyH on  2017-07-14 06:52:49
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