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Griess Keller
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-25 23:51:09
As always, I'm torn by this report of yours. OTOneH, rules are rules, even in this country, and you violated them (unknowingly) by being there outside of opening hours and bringing your own food -- aside fruit & veg. These are all declared on the sign at the entrance. And they're trying to run a business selling bread, cheese, beer, and other foodstuffs.

OTOtherH, it may in fact be illegal for them to bar people from eating certain self-brought food but not others. Maybe Gerhard knows the particulars of the law here.

They used to serve me when I arrived before aftenoon opening hours, even setting up the barrel (R.I.P.) just for me.

They have a new sign clarifying the no-trespassing bit, including a warning of video monitoring(!). It might be they have trouble with youth hanging out there in off hours or summat. Hope they don't have to resort to fencing the place in with razor wire like beer gardens I know of in other beer-drinking countries.

The Obatzda was different to others I'm used to: very big chunks of Camembert, not so finely mashed up, and much less paprika powder mashed in. Seemed fairly home-made.
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