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Hope Barry will...
Posted by Barry on 2017-06-07 04:13:35
It wasn't for trying - I tried to send a report three times from my apartment in Ebensfeld, and three times thee internet went down and I lost it, so I got fed up and thought I'd wait until I got home.  So here it is!

Lat Friday, usual meeting place for Mittelfranken, Wicklesgreuth bahnhof.  First stop was a nearby Keller that sells Felsenbraeu, my Helles (kellerbier?) came in a bottle and was the murkiest beer that I've ever seen but not bad to drink. As Nick knows, the Best Western I stopped in Nuremburg sells Felsenbraeu from the tp but I decided not to try it as it was latish when I got in and I had to be up in the morning.

Then we drove south and stopped at an old stube in Rot? Can't remember the name of the place but it was really lovely - run by a very nice chatty lady of a certain age; I wonder how long she will be able to keep it going? Anyway, the beer was from Wurm in Bieswang, which we'd had in bottles at the brewery the week before. Juergen tried the Maerzen and I had a swig - it was excellent, very, very tasty and well balanced. I had the Helles vom Fass, which was also good but the highlight for me, as previously, was the Dunkel, a lovely rounded delicate beer.

Then we headed for the Wettelsheim Keller, which I'd often thought of visiting when transiting Treuchtlingen and I'm glad that I didn't try because it's a long haul up the hill!  This is just about the biggest Keller that I've seen and it was packed (Friday evening and lovely weather) but the service was really prompt; we'd only just sat down when the Kellnerin asked us wanted we wanted and, as the draft beer was a Maerzen, that was what we ordered.  It was excellent, again, really made and balanced and with that delicate taste, presumably because of the Spalter hops.

And that was it - time to hit the road back to Wicklesgreuth.  I really enjoyed my two trips around that region of Mittelfranken; generally, quite different beer from that of Oberfranken, I presume because in Oberfranken a lot of places use some type of Hallertau hops (except Leicht but there may be others) and the beers have a more 'aggresive' (if that's the right word?) of hoppiness.  Just my humble opinion!

Thanks again to my jovial and knowledgable companion Juergen for taking me to some places that I'd never have ventured without his help.  Good luck with your fight against the bureaucrats, don't let them grind you down!

P.S. There are tons of wooden sleepers lying around British railways!
       Hope Barry will... by Nick B. on  2017-06-08 02:27:48
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