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Buttenheimer Löwenbräu Kellerbier
Posted by Barry on 2017-06-07 09:10:46
Nick has said nearly everything to be said about my final evening, which was really good.  Thanks for taking the trouble to come to Nurnburg, Nick.

I don't know about that supposed Kellerbier in Landbeerparadies.  We stayed in Buttenheim for two weeks last year and went in the Stube several times because the weather was pretty cold (early April).  I can't even remember if it was served in Steinkrugs or Glaskrugs - I been through the archive and my postings on the subject weren't very full of detail.  But I do remember that it was jolly good, much better than that served up on Monday night, which Nick has described so eloquently!  I remember the debate about whether there was a difference between the beer in the Keller and that in the Stube and I'm pretty that one of our members had it from the horse's mouth (Hansi?) that they were the same beer.  I couldn't tell you; all I know that when I visited the Keller with Andy a few weeks ago, it tasted pretty good to me - Andy took a bit of convincing but I think that he liked it in the end.

The fassbier at the first Landbeerparadies (Fischer?) was pretty average and, of course, the so-called 'Zoiglbier' tasted nothing like any Zoigl that I've ever tasted - why the hell do they do this?  We had another couple of bottles of something that were ok but nothing great, but I did like the first place - very characterful.  No adequate replacement for Schanzie though - shame about the Ruhetag!
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