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Lowenbrau Spetzi spezi ??
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-06-01 09:49:36
Spezi is a brand for a mixture of cola and orange soda, registered in the year 1956.
Because the brand is very popular, the name is often used as a syonom for all similiar products.

If a pub offers "Spezi" (in ther menu) it is not legal to present other brands. This is a problem for the pubs because many guests order a "Spezi". The most waiters don't like to discuss that the pub has another brand.

The enterprise Pepsi-Cola uses the brand "Schwip Schwap", Coca Cola has the brand "mezzo mix" etc.

You can find such a product in the most pubs in Germany (under different names). Only few traditional pubs (p.e. Schlenkerla) and expensive restaurants refuse to offer.
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