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Zurück in Franken...861 km Drive
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-05-29 01:13:22
Glad to be able to hear how you're keeping up, Barry. We arrived back from 20 nights in Kent a day early, on Saturday. We were supposed to arrive yesterday, with an overnight in Maastricht to break the 9-hour drive (incl Eurotunnel) as we have always done before (well not in Maastricht, but somewhere else half-way along like lovely Monschau).

But then once we were underway, we decided to just continue on home. Last year, we made the drive TO Kent in one day twice, about 10 hours including traffic around Brussels. But that way, you gain an hour with the time zones. Coming back this way, you lose one. And so we had always assumed we'd neve try to  make it in one day.

But we saw that the temp in Maastricht was 34° (93°US) vs 27 in Erlangen. And it was a funny old hotel we'd booked, in a big city we don't know, and we thought we didn't want to try to sleep in a strange, hot, stuffy place where we also didn't know the dining options. The timing and weather helped the decision too, being dry, and with no known traffic jams ahead of us and being in France before 14.00, we decided to just continue on. And it went great.

Left Broadstairs at 11.30, on the train for the 13.14 departure, off the train in Calais at 13.50, one stop for diesel and cheese (Maredsous!) before leaving Belgium, and then in Erlangen at 20.40. (All times CET not GMT.) And that was without exceeding 160 kph / 100 mph with the bike rack (and Mrs's desires, as well as mine own...faster than that gets stressful). I can say that significant progress seems to have been made along the Autobahn since last summer, the last time we'd driven it -- long stretches of new construction.

Here's a GPS track of the drive for the geeks.

I was pretty wiped out yesterday though. Even today yet, I'm still a bit sluggish. It's possible that part of that is symptoms of withdrawal from 8 - 12 pints of cask ale per day.

Hope to meet up with you this week, have to try and find some time. Quite busy today & tomorrow.
     Zurück in Franken...861 km Drive by Barry on  2017-05-29 03:18:56
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       Zurück in Franken...861 km Drive by Nick B. on  2017-05-29 04:17:49
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