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On the road!
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-24 05:44:58
Yesterday, most interesting tour with Juergen, who was keen to show me some breweries in Mittelfranken. First was Gundel:; unfortunately, the Stube was closed but Juergen the Resourceful was equipped with glasses and bottle opener (disguised as a cigarette lighter). We bought bottles from the brewery (4 for 2,90!) and drank them in the beer garden. A nice Zwickel but an even nicer (to me anyway) Dunkel. Nothing sensational but welll up to the standard of most in Oberfranken. Then on towards Spalt and a nearby Keller. Sampled the Helles, a nice refreshing and crispy delicately hopped beer, but the most interesting was the Daniel, which was also hopped in a similar way but with an intriguing caramel aftertaste - a fascinating drink.

However, the highlight was the tour of the limestone country around Solnhofen - so many massive quarries, more holes than level  ground! After driving around for a time, we dived  into a quarry entrance, which eventually opened up to reveal the quarry buildings and a pub! Amazed to find it open and a few people drinking beer. Quite amazing really, it appeared to be part oof the quarry complex and I can't recall seeing a house for miles. Anyway, the beer from Wettelsheim was really good, an exceptionally light and refreshing beer.

All in all, a lovely and interesting introduction to the beers of Mittelfranken. It's a pity that the bbreweries are a bit widespread and tricky to reach by public transport but it certainly whetted the appetite for more.
   On the road! by Andrew H on  2017-05-24 05:54:31
     On the road! by Barry on  2017-05-24 09:44:34
       On the road! by J├╝rgen Wening on  2017-05-26 06:19:29
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