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First Franconia trip
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-27 03:31:33
I'm not sure about the fake barrels; I think that, last time we went, it was fake barrels, but once it was from a cask.  Maybe it depends on how busy they are?

Are Spezial and Faessla different from each other?  I know that the beer at Faessla is always a bit fizzier than at Spezial.  Following on from our many discussions on the subject of added CO2, actually, I'm not sure now how it can be easily avoided unless a cask is filled direct from the lagering tank.  I suppose that an electric punmp, such as they used to use in the UK, would serve the purpose.  I've never heard of a uk-style hand pump being used in Germany.  I presume that, before the invention of CO2 driven delivery methods, everything was Bayerische Anstiche?

Even in Eschawo et al, they use CO2 to get the beer from the tank to the Ausschank.  I'm searching my memoory but I think that the only time that I've definitely had Zoigl without CO2 is at a private party in Gloser.  Martin and myself filled the Fass from the lagering tank, so I know that there was no added CO2 - it was incredibly fizzy and took an age to pour a Seidla but it tasted so good!  When I've had Zoigl in either Eschawo or Neuhaus brewery, it has always from a Stube and, AFAIK, filled from the Ausschank of a Stube but I'm not 100% sure of that.  Of course, it is not possible to get Zoigl  at the Brauhaus, unless someone brings it in, 
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