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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-23 04:04:57
60 km over a day might not be much at all for you after a couple weeks of riding. Take a few  breaks along the way. But yes, it's long. Depends on the bike you have too. Of course, you could use the 265, starting and ending at Willersdorf, which would make it 45 km. The return is gently downhill, on average.

Or just make it as far as Aisch for lunch, then turn around. Pity is the 205 from Höchstadt-Erlangen doesn't allow bikes for some wacky reason. I've never asked why. But now I see there's the 203E line, new to me. And I don't see anything online about a Fahrrad being verboten.

If allowed, you could take the bus to Aisch, have lunch, cycle to Uehlfeld, cycle down to Willersdorf, eventually ending up in Neder. There's slight incline between Willersdorf & Stiebarlimbach to keep you away from there.
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