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Das heilige Bauchfass
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-20 03:31:00
I'm not sure whether you are asking the right question!  I've tried to see what exactly constitutes ein Bauchfass (don't know gender) but can't find a really good description of one on the web.  But, looking at the pictures, it seems to be just another container. therefore, can't really see why beer in ein Bauchfass should differ an awful lot from beer in any other container - keg or whatever.

The question might be: what is the purpose of using CO2 in the dispense of any type of beer, cask conditioned or otherwise?  Seems to me that there are two reasons: 1) to get the stuff out of the container into a drinking vessel; and 2) stop it deteriorating.  In an ideal world, beer would be served direct from a conditioning tank into a glass/krug etc.  I don't think that many breweries do this (Spezial?) because there are obviously practical problems - the tank has to be adjacent to the servery, air has to be prevented from entering the tank, etc., etc.  

In the last 100 years or so, breweries have become more and more detached from their retail outlets, thus have resorted to using some method for transporting beer, with a corresponding problem of maintaining its condition.  With real ale, this is less of a problem as it can partially condition in the cask.  But, in Britain, in order to avoid waste, maximise profit, make the job easier, etc., brewers took to conditioning the beer totally at the brewery; the result, keg beer.

It seems to me that, as you point out, there is a bigger problem with lagered beers, as they are essentially fully conditioned when they leave the lagering tank.  I can see, therefore, why brewers with remote outlets choose to opt for keg style methods, involving use of CO2 at the outlet.  However, as you suggest, there is a perfectly adequate alternative in the keykeg method.  I asked Chris at the Bay Hop (who sell three lager-type beers) whether any of these come in keykegs and the answer was only one: Geipel, which adds to my respect for these chaps.

Regarding Mahrs U: I also can't remember the way that it is now dispensed but I seem to recall that it was a bag-type operation, similar to Roppelt.  In that case, why should it taste any different, because, unlike you and Mark, I can taste a big difference, which I think was confirmed by young Grigor.  It also looks very different (well, it was a couple of years ago when I summoned up the energy to try it again), being now fairly clear, as opposed to the rather murky liquid of yore.  Why is this?  I don't know but maybe aforementioned Grigor could enlighten us.  I'm not hopeful of getting an answer from the owner.

Do 'the locals' see no difference?  I can't answer this not having talked to them about it.  Maybe you have?
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