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Schlenkerla worldwide
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2017-04-18 07:09:07
On holiday in Taiwan, we were passing a cafe  and I happened to see a poster for Schlenkerla beer. Taiwan, like most places has a small but growing craft beer scene, and we were in a bar in the capital which had Belgian beers, but I never expected to see beer from Bamberg here. Schlenkerla is widely available in the UK, but has anyone else found it in an unusual place? And they must brew a fair bit of beer up there, how does their output compare to the megabreweries in Germany?
   Schlenkerla worldwide by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2017-04-18 12:31:56
     Schlenkerla worldwide by Nick B. on  2017-04-18 13:12:30
     Schlenkerla worldwide by JohnRatcliffe on  2017-04-18 18:19:56
       Schlenkerla worldwide by JohnRatcliffe on  2017-04-19 01:56:20
         Schlenkerla worldwide by Nick B. on  2017-04-19 02:17:35
           Schlenkerla worldwide by JohnRatcliffe on  2017-04-19 04:08:24
           Schlenkerla worldwide by Doug on  2017-04-19 07:20:21
             Schlenkerla worldwide by Nick B. on  2017-04-20 00:17:50
               Schlenkerla worldwide by Barry on  2017-04-20 03:47:43
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