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Brauerei Hertlein, Staffelbach
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-10 14:18:32
The connection between US micros and CAMRA comes partly through Peter Austin.  He established Ringwood Brewery in 1978, largely inspired by the success of CAMRA and went on to help establish loads of micros in the USA (see; for more).  However, apart from Austin, I think (but could be wrong) that many of the new brewers over the years have been inspired by the rise in popularity of ale in Britain but have have adapted it to American conditions (as has been discussed on this Forum many times).  How else would you account for the relatively sudden popularity of micros in the USA?

As for ages, remember that, for example, I was only in my 20s in the 1970s when I was trying to get a project to start a brewery with my brewer friend from Guinness, Park Royal, which ended when he was posted to Nigeria!  Likewise, most of the original CAMRA enthusiasts were quite young when the movement got going and there are loads of young people among today's real ale enthusiasts - and brewers.
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