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How much to not eat
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-15 07:50:54
There is tons of material on fasting and diabetes on the www.  I tend to follow the advice of diabetes uk, which provides well-researched and proven advice.  I think that it is better to follow one reliable source than to try to sort out the dross from all that's available.

Yes, there have been experiments that suggest that intermittent fasting can be useful but the results are inconclusive.  However, generally, fasting is not recommended as it increases the glucagon levels,which increase plasma glucose levels in the body.  If you don't have either type 1 or 2 diabetes, this is ok because the body naturally produces insulin to help rebalance the glucose.  But, if you have either type, the body is unable to balance the glucose levels; thus, glucose levels rise, causing hypoglycemia.

Now, it seems that my metabolism is a bit odd (I shouldn't probably have got diabetes in the first place) and I'm due to see a an endocrinologist to see if they can sort this out.  In the meantime, I'll stick to what I do, which works for me and gives me a safe HbA1C level.  

Re beer and diabetes: there is no problem providing you don't go mad (so I won't be emulating Mark's Annafest consumption!) and providing I make sure that I always have something to eat - you know this having been in enough sessions with me!

Re routes: for a start, I'd like to ride from Ebensfeld to Heilgersdorf and, then, possibly, to Sesslach but there seems to be a big hill in between.  I'd really like to do some riding around Franken Schweiz but I don't think that there are many non-hilly routes available.  But I do remember that the road from Ebermannstadt to Heiligenstadt wasn't too bad, as it follows the river.  Any ideas around these areas would be interesting.  Jasion says that it is ok to take a bike on a bus but I'm not how this works, as a lot of the buses aren't that big. 
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