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How much to not eat
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-15 08:00:35
I've not been following diabetes organisation-driven data, rather, general fitness-oriented stuff. So the details of glucagon and blood glucose w.r.t. diabetes...that's new to me. Carry on in any case, as you're obviously making great progress, and nobody's happier for you about that than me!

Just had my breakfast at 16.30, in fact: eggs with cheese, half an avocado, some raw califlower, and a half bottle of FRANCONIAN BEER: Green Monkey Polaris (5.9%) (Br. Wei├čenohe) left over from last night. Oh and some Brazil nuts.

You board the bus in the middle, where there's room. If there's room, anyway, if it's not already full with prams or other people who won't make room for you.

Now apparently out somewhere for happy hour. In town, as the trains aren't running this weekend...
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