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How much to weigh
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-04-15 08:28:22
I found the issue with me is simply not setting aside enough time to exercise.  I work behind a desk all day, drive 45 minutes to work each way, come home and sit and have dinner then sit some more and on and on.  So despite cutting back on calories I wasn't getting anywhere.  So I've adjusted my schedule to make sure that 3 times during the week on Mon, Wed, and Friday I get out and exercise for 4 hours (golf, hiking, biking, gym, whatever) and then go to work.  On weekends I get out more.  Doing this consistently week after week has finally gotten the results I could never get before.  But I had to set out with determination to break the cycle and get on with it and stick to it.  I feel a lot better and I reckon there aren't many that can keep up with me now walking the golf course or hiking.
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