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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-04-07 17:27:39
The link you sent is a very good web page.  Wish I had studied more as it's very nicely done.

It was not my goal to organize 270 breweries but the favorites of those who posted.  Your link does show THUMBS up on recommendations which are consistent with posters

Fun trivia
1. Dorfleins -   village not a brewery since if one brewery in town posters do bot refer to Eichorn but the village.
2.  Keesman's is closed on Sundays.
3. Buses to outlying areas which should be 4km-10km 30 minute ride require multiple transfers and are difficult to navigate without clarification from locals.
4. Merkendorf is a toughie 2 top breweries are clsoed different days. Hummel(Tuesday) and Wagner(Monday).

Anyway, I have decided based on your recommendations and other posters to try several out regional(smaller village) breweries which I might not make due to bus confusion. Bamberg is a snap for me but the outer regions a tossup I make many.  

My list for me will help me so the data is well available.  Guess  I need to work a little harder in planning and documenting what I need.

Good thing about this blog, is the variety of breweries, villages, beers,  and opinions.....makes me do more research so I can have a  Plan A, B, or C available .....depending on time.

Thanks again.....I find your link very helpful as I keep deciphering excellent information on this blog.
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