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Visit Franken - Cities Confusing
Posted by euromannn on 2017-03-31 07:35:24
Danke.   Although I tried to parse almost all of the I missed the Merkendorf name the same in two areas comments.  Woudl really be fortunate for  me if I coudl meet up with you as I will now  re-do those Scherlenka--Spezial--Fassla and hit Keesman which was clsoed last summer.

1. Sounds like bus #927 gets me to Merkendorf for Wagner & Hummel just need to pick the day/nights?  Adding Drosendorf, home to Goller sounds fun!

2. What ticket option would you purchase going Nun(May 14)-Bamberg(may 17) -Nun Airport?   Last time I bought a Bavarian ticket from Bamberg to Nurnberg was about 26euros one way......rode to Cheb, Czech(near Karlovy Vary).....scariest night of my life fending off a pack of gypsies between 12am-4am outisde train station in Cheb.

3. Good additional comments - Witzgall -->Roppelt's Keller (Stiebarlimbach)-->Kreuzberg--->Forchheim (Neder)!  Can I take a local bus from Bamberg to these locations?

Have a month to fine tune places to go and transportation but you've been a huge help and hope we can hookup for a biersfew .    Slowly, I'm catching onto all the great posts on this blog......but you can't beat getting the locals inside tips!


       Visit Franken - Cities Confusing by Barry on  2017-03-31 09:38:03
         Visit Franken - Cities Confusing by euromannn on  2017-03-31 11:54:13
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