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Visit Franken - Cities Confusing
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-03-31 09:47:00
Memmelsdorf is confusing. It's the name of a small village, but also the name of a admionistration unit, called "Gemeinde" (community) including some small villages, p.e. Drosendorr, Merkendorf, Memmelsdorf, etc.
Some bigger plans show only the name of the administration unit, but for driving, walking etc. it's better to use the names of the small villages.
Google Maps shows also the small villages.

And then You can find many village/city with the same name. Merkendorf is also the name of a village in the south of Nuremberg and also in Austria.

Kulmbacher is a big, industrial brewery in the city of Kulmbach (in the north of Franconia), part of the Schörghuber group which belongs to Heineken (exactly: a 49% minority belongs to Heineken). The Kulmbacher Brewery has some brands: Kulmbacher, Mönchshof, EKU, Kapuziner (wheat beer). I can't recommend their beers. They are drinkable but nothing special. A famous speciality is the Kulmbacher Eisbock, one of the first German Eisbocks..

Löwenbräu is a name for two diffferent breweries.
- a big, industrial brewery in Munich, which belongs to INBEV Anheuser-Busch Germany
- a small brewery in Buttenheim. You can use a train to Buttenheim or take a stop on the way from Bamberg to Forchheim/Nuremberg. They have also a nice beergarden in Buttenheim.

Another brewery Löwenbräu in Bamberg has closed. Fred Waltman has written an articel (about the Löwenbräu at the end of the articel):
     Visit Franken - Cities Confusing by euromannn on  2017-03-31 14:49:25
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