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Posted by euromann on 2017-04-04 09:59:58
Been to Bamberg ONCE for 8 hours and did 7 brauerei's.
SO I know several already but it's the days, time and buses to connect.

Due to problems finding weekend accommodations I ma going May 14,15,16, and part of 17th.
Which is Sunday-Wednesday.

Coudl you give me your 10 breweries, day/tiem went and bus numbers to find?

I know Bamberg fairly well it's the outlying areas like Merkendorf, Forschiem, Dorfleins and bus routes to access along with days closed.  Hummel is closed Tuesdays, Wagner closed Monday so a trip to Merkendorf only works on a Sunday which is tough since I arrive that day.

SO, please share the 10 and how you accessed as if it's by car....I'll never make it unless all in Bamberg center.
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