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Visit to Franken...Bamberg Plan
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2017-04-03 09:27:21
Absolutely. If you have 4 days, Id recommend 2 in Bamberg, maybe Friday and Monday to avoidclosing dates. Youve got the brewpubs, kneipen like Pizzini, Abseits and Stohrenkeller  and if the weather is good go up to the Spezi and Wilde Rose kellers. Also try the Bootshaus about a mile down the river. Beer from Weiher. Other 2 days Id do Memmelsdorf, buses run there on a weekend, I think, walk up to Merkendorf and maybe Drosendorf if you are up to it. Thennext day, train to Forchheim, if good weather go to Stiebarlimbach, return via Lowenbrau keller in Buttenheim and Haschaada keller in Hirschaid. If bad weather stay in Forchheim do the brewpubs there and maybe stop in Hirschaid on the way home. 
Youll then be ready to go further afield next time. And, as Barry says, dont worry, wherever you go, the beer will be decent and the atmosphere good. Zum wohl!!
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