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Inspiration needed
Posted by barry on 2017-03-30 06:15:41
Would, as usual, second my good friend Juergen's view.  Was lucky to visit Aufsess with Don and Cherie; beer was ok, nothing special, and the garden was very pleasant but it is a hotel/restaraunt, not my kind of place at all.

Definitely go to all the above - and more!

Have just worked out that, flying into Nuernburg, I can buy a 9-uhr 31-day Mobicard for €98, which I can use to travel to and from the airport, and don't need to buy 2 Bayern tickets at €25 each, which I would have to do if I fly into Memmingen.  This means, for a net €48, I can travel anywhere in the VGN for 31 days - Wow!
                 Inspiration needed by euromannn on  2017-03-31 05:02:00
                   Inspiration needed by Barry on  2017-03-31 05:58:23
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