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Spezial dispense clarity
Posted by Jason on 2017-03-23 15:37:08
I still find it a bit on the gassy side but that's just me. I suspect it's the same in Doerfleins on tuesdays and sundays, they fill a bag in a tank. There will be a barrel behind the bar which is fake but there is a subtle difference. I was speaking to the wife of Alfonse Eichhorn, the brewer, and she is concerned for the longer term future, because so many of their regulars are both doerfleins residents and elderly. Even though it's a short distance from Bamberg they don't get much in the way of passing traffic. 

A shame, because the Keller bier is better than any beer brewed in Bamberg and the dunkel is one of the best in its class I've ever had. Every beer they brew is superb. It'll be getting my custom for as long as I'm around that's for sure. 
         Spezial dispense clarity  by Barry on  2017-03-24 01:54:42
           Spezial dispense clarity  by johnratcliffe on  2017-03-24 06:36:20
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