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Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery
Posted by Barm on 2019-04-01 08:26:32
Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery:;art215,4137726

Summary for those who des Deutschen nicht m├Ąchtig sind:

Junior boss of the Entlas-Keller in Erlangen, Vincenz Schiller, is a trained brewer and wanted to open a small-scale nano brewery but the council refused permission on the grounds that the Keller is protected as a historical structure and Schiller only has the right to use it as a beer storage, not as a brewery.

The Entlas-Keller sold Kitzmann beer until the brewery closed. In future it is serving Mahrs U, Hoffman lager and Gutmann weizen. Kulmbacher will be supplying "Kitzmann Festbier" for the Kerwa.

Schiller is going ahead with installing conditioning tanks, which will be used to lager Mahrs beer, and hopes that once the council sees that this does not damage the historical structure they will let him have a brewery too.
   Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by Jason on  2019-04-01 10:11:04
     Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by Andrew H on  2019-04-03 06:26:21
       Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-05-20 05:33:02
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