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Fäßla beer is great at the moment
Posted by jason on 2023-01-05 03:11:36
True, but in a beer that should be hoppy and yet delicate, it detracts from the whole drinking experience. I don't mind diacetyl in some beers (Hoelzlein, Rittmayer Aisch, Czech lagers), generally when it's meant to be there (like it or not) rather than when it is as a result of rushed/poor brewing. 

Maybe I got unlucky. 
         Fäßla beer is great at the moment by Rob Sterowski on  2023-01-06 09:45:46
           Fäßla beer is great at the moment by Jason Watts on  2023-01-07 07:13:06
             Fäßla beer is great at the moment by UncleJimbo on  2023-01-07 11:30:08
             Fäßla beer is great at the moment by Pivnizub on  2023-01-30 12:41:02
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