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Lagering in Keller
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-26 02:01:22
I noticed now you're referring to secondary fermentation. Most of my points still hold true I think. You'd run the risk of infection during the transfer of the unfinished beer into barrels. Most Kellers don't even have barrels anymore, they use kegs. Mores the pity. 

I imagine the barrels at the Augustiner Keller in Munich would be stored in the Keller as they have such a high demand. But I imagine the secondary fermentation takes place at the brewery. The same with other busy brewery-owned Kellers where space is no doubt used for storage - eg the Dorfkeller in Hallerndorf. Maybe also Wetterheim Keller in Treuchtlingen (also wooden barrels). And the Schmausenkeller in Reundorf. 
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