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€9 public transport ticket
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-04-21 08:48:17
Gerhard posted news of this on FB - it's due for a vote in the Bundestag in May, and will apply for the three months of June, July and August.  It has the same rules as the othrt offers, no ICE, etc., but can be used interestate.
It seems an absolutely fantastic bargain!    
   €9 public transport ticket by AndyH on  2022-04-21 08:59:25
     €9 public transport ticket by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-04-22 01:06:49
       €9 public transport ticket by Jason on  2022-04-22 04:11:32
         €9 public transport ticket by AndyH on  2022-04-22 07:45:11
           €9 public transport ticket by Jason on  2022-04-22 08:13:33
             €9 public transport ticket by Rob Sterowski on  2022-04-23 12:56:42
               €9 public transport ticket by GerhardSchoolmann on  2022-04-24 03:16:22
                 €9 public transport ticket by JohnRatcliffe on  2022-04-24 08:35:10
                   €9 public transport ticket by Mosquit on  2022-04-24 11:46:02
                     €9 public transport ticket by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-04-24 12:25:47
                       €9 public transport ticket by AndyH on  2022-04-25 02:58:46
                         €9 public transport ticket by Jason on  2022-04-25 03:31:20
                           €9 public transport ticket by Joris on  2022-05-03 14:06:05
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