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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-02-08 04:17:05
Re Doerfleins: it's an area that I know pretty well, having stayed a couple of times in Hallstadt and also in Doerfleins.  Maybe more than a short walk from Bahnhof Hallstadt to Eichorn?  I've walked it many times and run it a couple when a train was beckoning (wish that I could do it now!).  It's actually just over 2 kms - a short walk for super-fit Jason, maybe not so short for others.  Whatever, as Jason remarks, it's well worth the effort.

One of my favourite places in the area was the wonderful Goldene Loewen in Hallstadt, not just for the beer, at its best, Hoenig from Tiefenellern (the Frau at GL was connected with that brewery) by gravity but more recently (5 years!) only by bottle.  However, I wonder if it is still open?  If there is any one building in Franken that I would have loved to buy, this was it, replete with the old, long disused brewery.  Thanks to the sadly long departed John White who first alrted me to its existence, as he did to the wonders of Eschawo, when few others were making those kind of trips.  RIP John.

If you want to make a lovely day of it, the walk along the Main to Kemmern and Wagner is also highly recommended.
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