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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-12-31 04:03:36
The political question is a bit of tricky one.  I've been to Kraus on many occasions, both inside and out, and wasn't aware of this until mentioned by Jason.  Also, Andy stayed there quite a few times and I don't think that he was aware.  Generally speaking, of course,  we wouldn't have any idea of the political affilications of a brewery, restaurant, hotel, or any other place that we eat, drink, stay, etc., especially when we are not fluent in the language.  This is just IMHO but, as I said, I won't be beating a path to their door in future, I'll just head straight for Forchheim and Neder who seem to accomodate all sorts and manner of people!
I'd never heard of Brobier until you just mentioned it - looked at the map and it's on the left before you get to Bahnhof Reckendorf, as you come over the hill from Hoefen.  Presume that it's Schloss that you're referring to?  I'm not sure how you can test the water and raise brand awareness using a product that's totally spurious.  I assume that the marketing costs are the same and brewing equipment isn't that expensive as a capital investment if you're a serious invester.
Talking of Reckendorf, what's the situation with Schroll now, I've sort of lost touch with what's happening among the melee?
Regarding contract brewing, completely agree, as said before here.  Very common, of course, in the Uk, maybe a bit less so since the micro-brew revolution.  Best example that I know is the Courage portfolio - never my favourite, though I did work for their one-time owners and sold their beer (well, George's, anyway) but you could go on nd on withese old brand names that are now totally irrelevent 
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