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Engel-Bräu moves to Feuchtwangen
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-12-04 08:30:13
I remeber so well you, me and J. visiting Engel - it was our first stop on the trip around Hohenlohe.  Beautiful day and we sat in a really modern kind of dining area.  I seem to recall that the bier was ok, not stand out special, more solid, big brewery stuff.

It's only 22 kms from Crailsheim to Feuchtwangen - in spite of all your 'teaching', I'm a bit confused as to where Hohenlohe begins and ends - does it go over the modern Franken border?
     Engel-Bräu moves to Feuchtwangen by Jürgen Wening on  2020-12-08 03:07:59
       Engel-Bräu moves to Feuchtwangen by Barry Taylor on  2020-12-08 07:02:20
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