Brauerei Schleicher


Coburger Strasse 22
Kaltenbrunn 96274

 0 95 33 / 2 29

Opening Times

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Comment from matw on 2010-07-05 12:35:57

 back up and running after last years fire thanks to the combined efforts of the villagers sho all pulled together to ensure that the brewery remained as a functioning unit. However, one down side is that the brewery tap no loner opens midweek. It is now only open from 1700 on Fri, Sat and Sunday's. However, outside these hours they will sell you a bottle or two from the shop attached to the brewery. Very good it was too!!

Comment from matw on 2010-07-05 12:38:33

 Bus is 8319 between Bamberg andCoburg and v.v., not 8219 as shown above. Runs about every 3 hours during the middle of the day.

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