Brauerei Stephan Scheidmantel KG

Rosenauer Strasse 98
Coburg 96450
Stopped brewing in 2002

Opening Times

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Comment from Fred Waltman on 2003-01-28 20:34:00

 Stephan Scheidmantel is now a "contract brewery." The beers are brewed by and the pub owned by Kulmbacher AG.

Comment from Steffen Scheidmantel / Germany on 2003-04-02 08:25:56

 Dear, St. Scheidmantel stands for Stephan Scheidmantel, not Sankt Scheidmantel. :o) Sincerely, Steffen Scheidmantel

Comment from Steve Leonard on 2005-05-08 13:21:37

 Any brewery guesthouse rooms in Coburg? A cheap clean room close to the beer. Any good tips will be repaid by a free beer if we meet you in town June 5th. Steve and Joe, old but still fun.

Comment from Thoms Scheidemantel on 2006-08-06 18:23:26

 Dear Sir- Is it possible to buy some of your beers ? I live in the united States and would be very interested in purchasing some. Please let me know how I might obtain your beer and what types you offer. sincerely Thomas Scheidemantel Cleveland, Ohio USA

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