Brauerei Strauss


More information on Wettelsheim can be found at (German) 

Bahnhofstrasse 20
Wettelsheim 91757

 0 91 42 / 83 89

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Comment from Schalker of Treuchtlingen on 2003-02-14 23:19:09

 Strauss is the best brewer in the whole area of WUG!! And he is sponsering our fanclub clubritter pappenheim! Visit us at

Comment from A Kellerfreund of Wettelsheim on 2003-02-17 09:53:05

 This is the very best beer you ever can get. And combined with the wonderful placement and unbelievable atmosphere guaranteed by the placement of the beerkeller on the side of a hill under the green roof of old trees and a very nice view down into the valley, it's the most exciting and wonderful experience in everybodies beer career! Prost

Comment from TM on 2004-07-27 13:06:41

 This is not the real Bamberg and franconia area, it is to far away and the Comments are all from people, sponsored by STRAUSS. They just wanted to make it important!!!

Comment from Fritz Heberlein on 2005-07-08 05:35:40

 >This is not the real Bamberg and franconia area, it is to far away and the Comments are all from people, sponsored by STRAUSS.<< I would consider this almost a bit unfair. Even if it is far from Bamberg, it is nonetheless definitely in (southern) Franoncia. I have visited the place several times - it is really nice and the beer (just one type) is really good - but only if consumed at the site. It's not worth while to open a bottle. BTW, unlike the Bamberg places, this one is not geared to tourism, it's simply a meeting place for local people. So, don't expect anybody speaking English nor any other cosmopolitic features ... :)

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2008-04-17 05:01:07

 The Strauss beers are unmistakably. Very low in hop, very malty and just great. I'd recommend the Märzen, which shows all facets of Wettelsheimer beer. Really enjoyable! @the guy above: Wettelsheim is in south franconia. If you'd drink some of that beer, your brains might improve...

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